Sunday, January 27, 2013

White light, white heat

This weekend was the annual Snowfest in Frankenmuth, Michigan. If you don't know what that is, it's a snow carving competition with teams from all around the world coming together and snow sculpting all different kinds of large scale pieces. I had every intention of going because I used to work in Frankenmuth and still had a lot of friends in the area. However, a friend of mine came up and I ended up spending the weekend with him. Don't ask. ;)

But, I did paint my nails for Snowfest! Since this whole area is covered by too much damn snow, I thought that white nails would be the perfect choice.

This is from Sephora by OPI, it's called White Hot. I had been in the market for a white nail polish and found this gem! The only downside is that it had kind of a watery consistency. The first coat had a lot of streaks, the second one had a few and finally by the third coat, it was completely covered and opaque. The first time I tried white nail polish I was afraid my nails would look weird. But the final outcome is wonderful. It makes my nails look a lot longer than they actually are. It has kind of a mod effect, too.

White Hot costs $9.50 and you can find it here.

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